OVERLANDERS 2016 (23:38) Full length video: Process and Documentation: (3:39)


A multi-arts installation based on pioneer migrations in America, focusing on women who settled the prairies and western regions of the United States. Informed by Jacques Derrida’s theory of hauntology, which investigates the phenomenal presence of specters and apparitions in our everyday lives.







The looped installation video utilizes green screen technology, with costumed figures set into both real and pastel landscapes. The soundtrack libretto is a collage of archival journal excerpts written by pioneer women, and texts from period writers such as Willa Cather and O. E. Rølvaag. In addition to the video above, the project includes an exhibit of abstract ceramic architectural objects embedded with micro audio and video elements. The overall project is an experiment with non-linear, narrative and literary-based installation, offering multiple visual and audio environments.

Premiered at the City College of New York, May 2016, at the studio for Digital and Interdisciplinary Art Practice (DIAP). Also installed at the University of Rhode Island, as Guest Artist/Faculty lecturer for URI’s conference on Phenomenology and the Arts; and for SUNY Empire State’s Performing Arts Department.


There But Not There (two sections) 2015 Three Strangers and Two Women are sections from There But Not There, a five-part installation with projections and live performance, examining psychological states of dissociation from various perspectives. Premiered at Outpost Art Resources, Ridgewood NY, April 2015.



Three Strangers 3:06 Featuring Bill Hochhausen, David Simons and John Morton.




Two Women 2:08 Featuring Jacques DuPree and Wanda Phipps.




Les Plateaux (excerpt) 2015 / 1:05

les plaueaux 4 les plateaux2 A conceptual meal for eight. Viewers use French menus as mobile screens to sample all the dishes on the table.

*Please note: there is no soundtrack for this project; background audio is generated by a live dj.


WHO READS WHO SPEAKS WHO HEARS  2012 / Featuring Pat Hickman’s gut skin book, sewn skins, handwritten notes, and hands. Installed at Garnerville Arts Center Resurrection Exhibit, Garnerville NY, October 2012.  full length: (11:04) excerpt: (4:48)


A study of literature, language, voice and sculpture in collaboration with sculptor Pat Hickman. Narration by Barbara Benary, Robert Egert, Daniel Goode, Pat Hickman, Lisa Karrer, Denman Maroney, Rimma and Valeriy Gerlovin, Sheila Schonbrun, Mimi Seton and Norman Simons.



Ziarah Dalam Gereja Gunung 2009 (4:43) Installed in the Media Project Space at Rockland Center for the Arts (RoCA), Nyack NY, in 2009. I have performed Ziarah Dalam live in NYC and venues across the U.S. Originally composed as a memorial for Javenese dance and mask scholar Deena Burton.

Video, vocal composition and vocal soundscape by Lisa Karrer, with Indonesian text by Sitor Situmorang. Featuring the late Dina Paisner.